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eCommerce was big before Covid, now it's huge. If growth and impact are your thing, we should talk about your next career move. We're ready, are you? 

Before You Apply, You Should Know How and Why We Roll.

We combine our French-Canadian passion with our American “get things done” approach to create international-level eCommerce capability.

Don’t let our casual demeanor fool you: once the project starts, we’re all business.

We do our homework. We outwork the competition. We make our clients better at eCommerce – because it’s all about our clients’ success.

We don’t win awards, our clients do.

We Could Really Use Someone Like You.

  • Almost 40 positions and 20 roles to fill, including: 

    • FrontEnd Web Developer
    • FrontEnd Javascript Developer
    • .NET Developer
    • PHP/Magento Developer
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • eCommerce Expert
    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
    • SEO Specialist
    • Shopify Developer
    • Junior PIM Analyst
    • Personalization and Email Specialist
    • and more.

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  •  .NET developers create integrated solutions for both eCommerce and product information management (PIM) platforms, within complex environments.

    Your mission? Deliver and integrate functioning solutions that will have a real impact on the user experience and the client's growth. After your onboarding in Agile-mode, quickly join one of 10 .NET teams with abundant client opportunities! 

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  • Product information is at the heart of commerce. As the Senior PIM Expert, you will advise clients on product information management, help them redefine the product lifecycle and improve business processes.

    We are looking for someone who can organize and lead discovery phases with multiple clients and teams. With the help of other analysts and teammates, you will create strategies for everything related to product information (onboarding, training, systems integration, change management, adoption). 

    You'll be an advocate for smart product information management and great product experiences for all clients.

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  • As the SEO Specialist, you will guide your clients’ content strategies. Help them better communicate with their audiences by becoming Google’s BFF. In collaboration with our development teams, make sure that SEO is strategically woven into each project.

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Absolunet is a professional services firm that specializes in commerce and digital transformations.

Come collaborate with organizations (local to global) who understand the importance of an adaptive digital strategy. Your vision, drive and skills will build the commerce experience of today and tomorrow! 

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