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Digital Operations + People

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Transformation isn’t about tech, it’s about people. Design your digital transformation and operations by aligning people, processes and platforms in a sustainable and scalable program.

Our Practices

  • The Organizational Forest, Not Just The Digital Trees.

    Successful transformation is no accident. Maximize business benefits and organizational wins by working with Valtech_Absolunet’s Program Management experts. Overseeing time, cost and scope across projects, our senior approach to ensuring success and adoption beyond standard KPIs ensures not only coordination, but proper governance, oversight and accountability.

  • People. Processes. Platforms. Progress.

    New tech vs. proven legacy? Addressing diverging interests between BUSINESS and IT is a key component of digital transformation. Ensure cohesion and build cooperation between both units. Valtech_Absolunet’s infrastructure and Ops alignment practice facilitates adoption through shared stakes and outcomes.

  • Digital Transformation is About People & Adaptation.

    Your digital initiatives’ success is less about technology adoption and more about people and culture, while training, onboarding, and re-skilling are increasingly important. 69% of the most effective change programs offered training before and after go-live. Valtech_Absolunet’s Change Management, Onboarding and Adoption Practice is regularly called upon to align stakeholders, onboard users and ensure long-term adoption - while supporting business objectives. Optimize your chances of success through planned adoption.

  • Design Product Management For The Digital Economy.

    Product information/content/data is the fulcrum of scalable commerce, including digital asset management. Expert oversight helps manage, optimize and scale by leveraging data models and ensuring alignment between product management, purchasing, merchandising and sales. Adapt merchandising for each channel, including digital shelf management and harmonize tools across platforms (including PLM) and supply chains.

  • Increase Revenue & Loyalty.

    Improve average revenue per user/unit (ARPU) and customer lifetime value (CLV) with data-rich recommendations that improve session volume and value, getting the most out of your digital assets. Know what works, why, and what to do to improve it. Valtech_Absolunet’s performance team supports revenue and executes by implementing tactics, measurement and analysis in a pro sports-inspired optimization framework that simplifies decision-making.

  • Make Sure Your Operations Are Keeping Up With Your Revenue Growth.

    84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue, with leaders outperforming laggards by nearly 80%. Success brings new challenges and internal operations (HR, Ops, IT) need to adapt to support customers. Get expert recommendations on the skills and systems you will need next and which systems or units will require attention (ex: fulfillment, live support, OMS, etc.), when.