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Explore your options, understand today’s and tomorrow’s contexts and make better decisions. Valtech_Absolunet’s expertise helps frame your digital strategy, from macro to micro.

Our Practices

  • A Roadmap of Where to Invest.

    Get the data to support your investment plan and facilitate decision-making. Our proprietary, data-based and insight-rich approach identifies the highest-yielding digital opportunities and risks for your business/unit/brand. We help you build the business case for digital operations, informed by your context, market trends, financial forecasts and an outcome-focused roadmap.

  • Develop a Marketplace Strategy.

    Marketplaces drive over 50% of sales and new channels continue to emerge. Whether you are going D2C or defending against it, understand the dominant and emerging marketplaces and channels in your sector to define a strategy and execution roadmap for sustainable and profitable growth (without cannibalizing traditional channels).

  • A Strategic Approach to Leveraging Search.

    On-site searchers are 216% more likely to convert than regular users, giving search a critical role in revenue generation and the user experience. Understand and prioritize sponsored search results, generic product searches, auto-suggest, filters, recommendations and more - as well as external SEO and marketplace search strategy.

  • Maximize Digital ROI and ROAS.

    Acquire more qualified traffic. From new client acquisition to increased customer lifetime value, take an autonomous, multichannel approach to plan, execute, measure and optimize every step of the funnel. Make your client data work for you.

  • Personalized, On-Brand Interactions Throughout The Customer Journey.

    Optimize your funnel (B2B) and improve purchase frequency and volume (D2C/Retail/B2B) by applying automation, machine learning and data to improve the customer experience.  Although these technologies are now accessible for most, they must be applied strategically and at the right point in your digital maturity curve.

  • Product Data Models and Strategies.

    SKU volume is expected to double within 2 years and multiply 5x before 2030. Plan your product data models to centralize a “single source of truth” that supports all channels (commerce, support, product, more) while streamlining people, processes and platforms to deliver complete product information and enable faster time-to-market.

  • Bridge the Digital Gap.

    When you need to digitize but don’t know where to begin, Valtech_Absolunet’s proprietary Readiness Assessment will identify internal gaps, align stakeholders, and encourage proper project/program ownership and funding. This is change management, designed for your unique business requirements and reality.

  • The New Competitive Differentiator.

    86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Use research and insight to define, design and deliver interactions that stand out in a time of standardization and homogenization. UX, CX, UI … from discovery to inspiration to product configuration then conversion, distinguish your brand with a distinct customer experience that supports your business goals.

  • Use Analysis & Insight to Make The Best Choices.

    Weigh the pros and cons of each platform, estimate TCO and ultimately make a pragmatic and documented recommendation. Evaluate compatibility, scalability and potential with experts who have enabled almost all major platforms and will help you identify the critical elements of your digital ecosystem vs. business requirements.

  • Omnichannel Optimization Based on Outcomes.

    Define the digital metrics and KPIs that matter most and apply Valtech_Absolunet’s attribution framework to understand which campaigns are driving results. From foot traffic to subscriptions, from downloads to BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store), the incremental race to profitability and market share is all about accuracy, measurement, funnel optimization and oversight.

  • Accessibility is a Crucial Part of the Digital Era

    Anti-discrimination laws and regulations worldwide emphasize (and often require) that no one be left behind as it relates to digital interactions and eCommerce services. Some regulations include harsh penalties or open your organization to civil lawsuits and class actions from users. Get strategic advice to help you navigate and implement the right accessibility requirements across states, provinces or territories. Some laws now require digital accessibility. Read our Guide to Digital Compliance (pdf) to learn more. Accessible Version (rtf)