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Integration will make or break your program and have direct impacts on KPIs like revenue. Design, build, deploy and run your tech stack with an experienced team.

Our Practices

  • Product is the Heart of eCommerce.

    1/2 of the world’s most highly-certified PIM experts work for Valtech_Absolunet. Successful PIM implementation requires both a roadmap and an integration framework to create a “single source of truth”. Align technical integration with business objectives and organizational realities to ensure quick adoption and ROI.

  • Today's Choices Will Drive Tomorrow's Revenue Acceleration.

    With single or multiple CRMs, ERPs, data lakes, middleware, DAM, PIM and more, a well thought-out marketing tech stack provides agility and simplifies growth as new systems and functionalities are needed to adapt to emerging digital realities. For every element to coexist, serve the user and support business objectives; you’ll need the infrastructure, technologies, and processes to do so.

  • Design, Plan and Manage, From Vision to Adoption.

    Integrate new tools without compromising your stack. Valtech_Absolunet’s pragmatic, experienced-based logic and integration strategies address speed, security, and reliability while managing TCO and technical debt. By mapping every system’s purpose (ERP, Commerce, POS, CRM, PLM, automation, email, taxation, OMS), you ensure technical and business compatibility at scale and over time.

  • Taking Your Business to New Levels of Digital Relevance.

    Adapt to emerging trends and customer habits in an increasingly customer-centric landscape where personalized experiences and omnichannel capabilities are key. Valtech_Absolunet’s agile approach to replatforming uses a technically-proven and business-user-centered framework to ensure rapid transition and an agile roadmap.

  • Stop. Reboot. Restart. Get the Deliverable Back On Track ASAP.

    Stalled or unsuccessful deployments have massive, negative implications for any organization. Limitations reach a tipping point and quickly compound to affect revenue. Valtech_Absolunet’s teams are trained to quickly diagnose/audit your current install and provide precise recommendations, an onboarding process and a prioritized roadmap to get back on track.
  • Architect, Integrate and Design the Critical Ecosystem Connections.

    ERP integration is key to omnichannel commerce and transformation. Valtech_Absolunet’s integration framework identifies the “single source of truth” (SSoT) for every data point (PIM, ERP, PLM, CRM, POS, more), while the team’s multi-platform expertise provides an agile, actionable roadmap to support your transformation or replatforming - while addressing marketing, IT and operations’ concerns.

  • Delivery and Fulfillment Are Critical Elements of the Customer Experience.

    Get your customers their products faster. Orchestrate ordering and fulfillment logic, including ship-from-store, warehouse, inventory movement, drop-shipping and in-store pickup with multiple stores and/or inventory points. Expose local inventory to B2B customers. Automate order preparation while integrating margins into shipping rules. Then use data and AI to optimize fulfillment logic and optimize inventory allocation.

  • Manage Risk by Understanding Your Regulatory Contexts.

    Reduce exposure by understanding your obligations, options and the potential consequences of inaction (legal, reputational and financial). What should you do first? Build an actionable and prioritized roadmap with systems, processes and protocols that will minimize regulatory risk (PCI, GDPR, AWDA, more), allowing you to keep your focus on strategic priorities.

  • Manage Experiences, Performance and Security, Not Server Rooms.

    New and emerging technologies have improved IT price and performance 2x, 5x and even 10x over previous generations. Get an end-to-end cloud transition plan to unify the customer experience across all touchpoints. Whether PaaS or SaaS, move resources from systems management to performance optimization to support the user experience. Valtech_Absolunet’s commerce cloud enablement experts provide a roadmap, as well as the senior resources to ensure a successful transition and adoption.

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