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CPG, Food and Beverage

How do you cut through the noise to connect with your consumers in an era of ever-growing alternatives and emerging channels? 

Keeping Up With Digitally-Native Consumers

Consumer preferences are evolving faster than ever, as D2C distribution models, subscriptions and the digitization of the customer journey are changing how people discover, buy and enjoy your products.

In a time where every touchpoint can be the point of sale, experience and smart data is now key, and digital capabilities and agility are either your advantage, or a liability.

CPG, Food and Beverage Complexities

  • Digital Shelf Management
  • Legacy computer / IT systems compatibility
  • Inconsistent complete product information
  • Product restrictions
  • Erosion of traditional marketing channels
  • Allergies and labelling in digital context
  • Regulatory and compliance across geographies
  • Complex pricing matrix & dynamic pricing
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Customer and consumer data management 
  • Cross-channel inventory
  • D2C customer service
  • Digital asset requirements
  • Brand / supplier restrictions or guidelines
  • Pricing policies
  • Variable inventory turnover 
  • Digitization of supply chain
  • Increasing disparity between consumer preferences within and between markets
  • Traceability obligations
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Valtech_Absolunet Expertise + Approach

We use a proven, research-based approach to bridge the gap between consumer habits and expectations and your people’s and systems’ ability to deliver, scale and adapt.

A technologically-sound roadmap that makes business sense, in the hands of a partner that can help you integrate, run and manage your digital ops - on your consumer's channel du jour.