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Industrial Health & Safety

eCommerce and digital success in Industrial Health & Safety means merging the 5 P’s: People, Products, Platforms, Processes and Punchout. 

Combining Legacy with (Digital) Leadership

Even a sector defined by best practices and organizational habits isn’t immune to digital pressure and evolving client expectations. With the digitization of supply chains and channels, it has never been more important to align your systems with the people who depend on your ability to deliver.

Industrial Health & Safety Complexities

  • Punchout 
  • Automated purchasing
  • Sales team digital apprehension
  • EDI compatibility 
  • Standards, norms and certifications
  • Product co-dependencies (ex: masks/filters)
  • Low digital adoption rates 
  • Change management 
  • Legacy computer / IT systems compatibility
  • Complex pricing matrix & Dynamic pricing
  • Product restrictions
  • Lack of reliable / consistent / complete product information
  • D2C Pressure from suppliers
  • Revenue attribution (salespeople, territories, etc) 
  • Logistics & fulfillment concerns, including multiple warehouses
  • Complex purchasing scenarios
  • Just-in-time fulfillment
  • Returns management and warranties
  • More
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