Home Decor

Few sectors have seen the number of touchpoints multiply as quickly as Home Decor. Bridge the gap between inspiration, in-store, online and the customer’s home.

The Most Omnichannel Sector in Retail  

Each year, the share of furniture and housewares sold online increases, yet eCommerce sales are only a fraction of digital’s influence. The consumer sees no difference between your various channels and the overall brand experience - from discovery to ownership.

Digital capabilities and agility are either your advantage, or a threat to your survival. 

Home Decor Complexities

  • Product dimensions
  • Real-time inventory 
  • Fulfillment complexity and carrier multiplicity
  • BOPIS / in-store or curb-side pickup
  • Staffing / upskilling: unknown technical skills among staff 
  • Live support (site, chat, etc) 
  • Omnichannel promotions management 
  • Internal Change management 
  • Legacy computer / IT systems compatibility
  • Product shipping restrictions 
  • Lack of consistent/complete product information
  • Complex product categories
  • Centralized and standardized product information, including visual media
  • Channel integration (social, site, store) 
  • Logistics & fulfillment concerns, including multiple stores/warehouses/distribution centers
  • Returns management and warranties
  • More
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Valtech_Absolunet Expertise + Approach

Leverage Valtech_Absolunet’s award-winning Home Decor experience to bridge the gap between customer habits and expectations, channels, and your vision for a Home Decor experience that connects with today’s consumers. 

A technologically-sound roadmap that makes business sense, in the hands of a partner that can help you integrate, run and manage your omnichannel strategy and execution.