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Home Improvement + Building Materials

One of the most omnichannel sectors in retail, Home Improvement + Materials saw a pandemic-induced surge in digital demand, accelerating transformation and fast-forwarding eCommerce ROI.

Design for Consumers, Build for the Pros

In Home Improvement and Building Materials, transparency and timing are critical. Displaying inventory, specs, availability and pricing - often by location - are key to getting the sale, and what is shown online MUST match the in-store experience… all the while inspiring prospective buyers with rich media.    

From real-time omnichannel inventory to 24/7 ordering, digital capabilities and agility are either your advantage, or a threat to your survival.

Home Improvement + Building Materials Complexities

  • Real-time inventory 
  • Rich product content and media 
  • Low digital adoption rates 
  • High customer expectations
  • Massive digital investment by industry leaders
  • Vendor and supplier onboarding
  • Variable product content from manufacturers
  • Product relationships
  • Returns and exchanges management (unused, unusable, compatibility, etc.) 
  • Multiple key personas: builders, homeowners, DIYers, pros, etc.
  • Low digital expertise from staff
  • Legacy computer / IT systems compatibility
  • Standards integration and compatibility: EDI, etc. (EDI and eCommerce go together) 
  • Internal resistance to change
  • Variable eCommerce maturity from customers 
  • Complex pricing matrix & dynamic pricing
  • Product restrictions
  • Lack of reliable/consistent/complete product information
  • Technical specs, warranties, diagrams
  • Marketplace maturity and management
  • Logistics & fulfillment concerns
  • Shipping
  • In-store and curbside pickup
  • Inventory optimization and display
  • More
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