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eCommerce and digital transformation: it’s not just about online purchases, it's about better serving customers, automating and remaining competitive in a digital world.

Manufacturers Are Going Digital

Brand manufacturers are embracing digital as the key to going D2C and owning the customer relationship. In B2B, eCommerce enables businesses to automate, streamline and standardize how they sell and operate, improving efficiencies, margins and the customer experience.    

From real-time inventory to 24/7 ordering, digital capabilities and agility are either your advantage, or a threat to your survival.  

Manufacturer Complexities

  • Fitment & parts compatibility
  • Standards, restrictions and environmental guidelines
  • Regulation variables across jurisdictions 
  • Low digital adoption rates 
  • White label management
  • Low digital expertise from staff
  • Legacy computer/IT systems compatibility
  • Standards integration and compatibility: EDI, etc. 
  • Internal resistance to change
  • Complex pricing matrix & dynamic pricing
  • Product restrictions
  • Lack of reliable / consistent / complete product information
  • Technical specs, warranties
  • Cannibalization of distribution networks
  • Marketplace maturity and management
  • Revenue attribution (salespeople, territories, etc)
  • Consumer-facing site(s) and information
  • Logistics & fulfillment concerns
  • Complex purchasing scenarios
  • Just-in-time fulfillment
  • Inventory optimization
  • Returns management
  • Technical support for field reps
  • More
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Valtech_Absolunet’s Manufacturer Expertise

Success is merging your vision, your tools and your people into a fully-functional, efficient business that serves customers better, and faster - while reducing delays and errors. Oh, and faster time-to-market.  

We bring a proven, agile approach to bridge the gap between how your customers work, their expectations and your people’s and systems’ ability to deliver, scale and adapt.