Accelerating B2B Commerce & Digital Transformation.

Optimizely's Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform™ provides robust commerce solutions, backed by AI-powered data and personalization.

As an Optimizely Platinum Partner, Valtech_Absolunet has years of experience helping brands, manufacturers and distributors bridge the eCommerce gap.

Optimizely Practice

    • Optimizely Platinum Solution Partner
    • 4 certified Optimizely ContentCloud Developers (Optimizely CMS)
    • 11 Certified Developers
    • 9 Dedicated Agile .NET Teams
      • Automotive Aftermarket 
      • HVAC
      • Industrial Health & Safety
  • Alain Marsolais has 20+ years of experience as a software developer focused on B2B eCommerce websites.

    The Director of our Optimizely Practice, he is a certified “Optimizely Cloud Certified Developer” and “Optimizely Certified Developer”.

    • Commerce Cloud
    • Built for B2B™
    • Content Cloud
    • Intelligence Cloud
    • Digital Experience Platform
      • Product lists (monthly purchases, for example) can be created and managed directly by clients
      • Express Orders
      • Search by SKU
      • Punchout functionality
      • Complete client list for each sales representative
      • Representative accounts with individual dashboards, quote requests and current proposals
      • Configurator for complex products
      • Pricing configuration
      • Billing and credit limits for each client
      • Assign products to clients
      • Custom product catalogs for each client
      • Advanced and intuitive CMS features
      • Persona-based content customization
      • Shipping address management
      • Price request feature and integrated workflow
      • Scalable .NET platform, which is also modular and extensible.
      • Easy PIM integration thanks to InRiver Connector
      • Clients can create multiple accounts from their master account
      • Clients can assign tasks and budgets to their buyers
      • Tier-pricing: advanced/elaborate price grids