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Customer Experience Management on an Enterprise Scale

Connect with your customers and build lasting relationships across sales, customer service, marketing and more.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is a highly scalable, tech stack friendly solution that provides quadrant-leading features and functionality that measurably impact conversion, loyalty and revenue.

Salesforce Practice

      • Account hierarchies
      • Custom product catalogs
      • Contracted pricing
      • Personalized communications
      • Support for large orders
      • Flexible shipping dates and locations
      • Multiple invoicing payment options
      • Fully integrable with PIM, ERP and other systems
  • Salesforce lightning is the framework that enables people and organizations to accelerate their digital adaptation by reducing development times and IT dependence.  Faster, agile, flexible and business-user friendly, Salesforce Lightning is indeed the future of Salesforce.
      • Sales - Sales Cloud 360
      • Service - CRM Service Cloud
      • Marketing - Marketing Cloud 
      • Commerce - SFCC, Lightning
      • Engagement - Heroku 
      • CRM - Salesforce
      • Analytics - Tableau
      • Customer activity visualization across channels
      • Unified view of customer data from sales, marketing, and service
      • Integrated funnel and commerce analytics tools and reporting
      • Integrated CRM Solution
      • Customer self-service framework
      • Storefront Design Tools
      • Product Visualization
      • Product Catalog
      • Content Management
      • Product Search and Filtering
      • Checkout ProcessShipping Options
      • Multi-Channel Support for B2B
      • Customization
      • Simplified User Management
      • Reporting / Analytics
      • Admin Access Rights
      • Test-to-Product Migration
      • Cloud scalability