50 days later: the impacts of COVID-19 on eCommerce


The eCommerce curb is flattening

The intense increases in online traffic and purchases over the last couple of weeks seem to be stabilizing. At the same time, consumers are settling down into the new digital reality – including those consumers who were late to the eCommerce party.

Report: Week 7


3.6x more revenue compared to 2019

Compared to 2019, digital revenues grew on average 360% for the week of April 20th 2020. We are talking 4 times more sales than last year during the same period.


Seasonal impact

The sporting goods sector climbed 39% in one week. Dumbbells, athleisure wear, bikes … people are ready to get fit and get outside.


B2B: light at the end of the tunnel

Gravely impacted by company closures, the gradual reopening of companies is boosting key B2B performance indicators. This is cauterizing the wound from the past month.


Opportunities and recommendations

The global cost per click (CPC) is currently 45% below pre-pandemic levels while value per session is, on average, 150% higher for multiple channels. The return on each media dollar is, for the moment, excessively positive and at a historical summit.

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