6 Signs Your B2B Website is Costing You Sales

6 Signs Your B2B Website is Costing You Sales

Is your website helping or hindering your growth?

Here are 6 signs that your website might be costing you sales:

  1. Non-transactional site.

    Customers want to make a purchase. But your website is not transactional. At best this slows down the customer’s purchasing process, at worst it pushes them toward another merchant.

  2. Hard to find products.

    Your customer needs an evaporator coil, for example, but your website’s search filters only show a handful of best selling items and fail to suggest substitution products if a product is out of stock.

  3. Minimal product information.

    The products have no pictures, minimal specs and/or no PDF technical documents. Customers leave the site to find valuable information such as wiring/connection diagrams or programming instructions.  

  4. Bad design and User Experience (UX).

    The design looks like a throwback to the ‘90s and the user runs into dead ends or is jarringly sent onto another website. Plus, the technician on the roof  (if you’re in the parts business) can’t read the tiny text on mobile.

  5. No expected delivery date.

    The customer has made it all the way to purchase but then … radio silence. All visibility into the process drops off. There aren’t set delivery dates and there is not enough communication post-purchase. You’ve lost out on the opportunity to delight customers with transparency and reassuring updates. 

  6. Lots of back and forth.

    Checking product availability, agreeing to or rejecting quotes, looking at warranties, and receiving delivery updates: sales reps do everything by phone. There is no centralized way to track, measure, understand or improve these exchanges.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If yes, you are probably putting the burden on your customers to do business with you.

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