Absolunet Brings Home Coveted Prize from Magento Imagine


Winner of the Spirit of Excellence Award, the 240 person agency is celebrated for its growth and the quality of its work through the Adobe eCommerce platform.

Montreal, Quebec – May 17th 2019– Absolunet brings home one of the most prestigious prizes for an eCommerce agency given at the Magento Imagine Summit. The Spirit of Excellence Prize, North America, highlights the exceptional performance of an eCommerce agency in terms of their growth, quality, innovation and thought leadership. 

Absolunet, the only Canadian agency to have been nominated for prizes given directly to agencies/partners, was also a finalist for the Shooting Star award, which highlights the Magento partner with the largest growth (a prize that Absolunet won in 2016). 

“It is definitely an honor to be recognized as one of the best eCommerce partners in North America by Magento – we are especially proud to be recognized for the sum of our eCommerce deliveries,” said Charles Desjardins, Partner and Vice President at Absolunet. “It’s normally our clients who win prizes. This one, we happily accept!” 

“Overall, bravo and thank you to the teams who have advanced the Magento practice at Absolunet – the Developers (front and back -end), the Practice Leads, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Designers and all other members of the team!” Desjardins added. 

In 2018, the eCommerce agency delivered numerous Magento projects for notable clients, such as: 

  • The SAQ – Quebec Alcohol Corporation
  • Corbeil Appliances
  • BMR / La Shop
  • Northwest Co.
  • JD Irving / Kent
  • Sports Excellence
  • Surplus RD