AI-Run Product Recommendations: Free for Magento Merchants

AI-Run Product Recommendations Free for Magento Merchants

Quick context: The Adobe team has been working on their new Sensei-powered Product Recommendations service over the past several months. It was made available to all Magento Commerce merchants on April 14th 2020. 

Absolunet worked with Adobe in their early access program. We reviewed the platform, tried implementations, and provided feedback from a customer experience perspective. Here is our feedback on Adobe’s AI-run Product Recommendations.

Gut Check: the ROI of Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are a proven and effective way to increase revenue and conversion.

Industry averages show a 10-30% increase in revenue attributed to the implementation of tailored product recommendations.

  • Netflix recommendations account for 75% of all watched content on their platform
  • Amazon sees 35% of all revenue generated by product recommendations
  • EyeBuyDirect saw a 30% increase in conversion by adding recommendations to their email campaigns
  • Stokes, Canada’s kitchen, tableware and giftware store saw 26% of revenue coming from their personalization methods (including product recommendations) over one year.


How it Works

The Adobe Product Recommendations solution leverages Adobe Sensei, the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and to predict the most relevant products for the current customer. This product is available to all Magento Commerce customers, regardless of on-prem or Cloud licensing, for free.


Marketers can easily create and place different types of widgets across their site to show:

  • most viewed products over the last 7 days
  • most purchased products
  • most added to cart
  • recommended to you based on browsing history
  • customers who viewed this, viewed that
  • customers who viewed this, bought that
  • customers who bought this, bought that
  • more like this based on product content and attributes
  • and products currently trending on your site.

Set up, Management and Analysis 

All of the widgets can easily be set up, managed, and analyzed in the Magento Admin Panel. Each widget data is tracked and analyzed with performance data available directly in Magento. The analysis shows: 

  • how many times the widget is loaded
  • how many times customers actually see the widget
  • how many times customer interact with a widget
  • revenue attributed to a recommendation

The types of widgets vary based on the type of page (Home, Category, Product, Cart, Order Confirmation) to ensure context-specific content.

Personalized Recommendations Increase Conversion. 

At Absolunet we all agree strong personalization and recommendations increase conversion. We highly recommend implementing these features. This Adobe offer is a great starting point in your customer personalization journey and can help prove the ROI of your Magento implementation.

What’s Next?

There is a promising roadmap of added features. So the tool should grow and evolve. For those looking for more in-depth information on how to transform your sales numbers with Product Recommendations, refer to the documentation here:

For developers –

For developers

Christopher Brabender is a Magento Practice Lead at Absolunet and a member of the Magento U Certification and Training Advisory Boards.

Then reach out to the team at Absolunet ( for guidance on how to improve your customer experience with tools like Magento’s AI-run Product Recommendations.