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Magento’s Last Upgrade of 2020: An Easy-to-Understand Guide

New Software Lifecycle Policy Reduces TCO and Vulnerabilities As one of several efforts to reduce platform TCO, Magento has announced a shift in policy. Previously supported versions (2.3.x) will get security-only quarterly releases. This means that ...

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Magento Update: 2.4 Released

The changes and improvements in 2.4 are a doozy! There is not one top feature in this release but we think merchants are going to want to focus on the B2B and In-Store Pickup features.

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Magento Rolls Out Second Update for 2020 (2.3.5)

Magento is starting 2020 with a bang with a January 28th release. A relatively small release compared to the ones we received in 2019, Magento 2.3.4 has some exciting updates.   With over 250 feature fixes, here is our assessment of the key ones: ...

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AI-Run Product Recommendations: Free for Magento Merchants

Absolunet worked with Adobe in their early access program. We reviewed the platform, tried implementations, and provided feedback from a customer experience perspective. Here is our feedback on Adobe’s AI-run Product Recommendations. Gut Check: the ...

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