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Absolunet Launches Customer Experience Advisory

Desktop and mobile, long thought of as the main channels of eCommerce, are no longer sufficient to serve customers, whose digital maturity levels and expectations continue to outpace brands’ abilities to provide consistent experiences across ...

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Salesforce for B2B: The Benefits of a Unified Environment

Your goal is to create helpful and informative customer journeys. Each step of the customer journey can be improved with data-driven communications. Yet, it is a challenge to find the tools and the resources to make those steps smooth and helpful. 

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The 8 Things Your B2B eCommerce Platform Should Do

Here are 8 important dynamics for picking the right B2B platform: 1. Tight ERP Integration In B2B, customer-specific pricing requires live pricing and inventory calls to the ERP. You are dealing with customer-specific rules, custom catalogs, ...

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eCommerce Fraud Trends, Post Covid

After their $205 million funding round in April of this year, Signifyd, one of the largest eCommerce fraud protection solutions on the market, is closely tracking shifts in consumer behavior.

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