Car Parts, Automotive Aftermarket & eCommerce

Car Parts Automotive Aftermarket and eCommerce - Absolunet and Episerver eBook

Profitable Omnichannel Strategies
for B2B, B2C and D2C merchants

As a merchant in the automotive aftermarket, you are facing a lot of disruptions:

  • The supply chain is no longer linear … or simple.

  • There are more products than ever.

  • Your buyers are digitally savvy.

  • Product information is now even more important than brand.

  • With so many choices, you can’t count on loyal customers anymore.


The 2 elements you need to compete are:

  1. 1. An intuitive digital commerce experience that can easily integrate into your day-to-day operations.

  2. 2. Properly managed, in-depth and consistent product information that goes beyond industry standards of ACES and PIES.

These two elements make it possible for you to create intuitive and helpful customer experiences. It also makes it possible for you to collaborate and compete with the Amazons and the eBays, third party marketplaces that are here to stay.


Your next best steps depend on your position in the supply chain:

If you have a physical store
, blend the customer’s online and in-store experience with shared inventory and logistics.

If you are already an e-Retailer, win over your customers with a hassle-free eCommerce experience coupled with in-depth product information.

If you are selling B2B, turbocharge your sales team with the help of online channels.

If you are an OEM or brand manufacturer, create content to show you are the authoritative resource in your industry.


Why read this Car Parts & eCommerce white paper from Absolunet?

This publication dives into the 2 elements you need for competing in this increasingly omnichannel industry.

You will also find 3 examples of Absolunet clients who are making important strides in their respective car parts markets: Macpek, RMStator and Cardone.