Details About the New inRiver IIF Adapter for Magento

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inRiver, the leading PIM solution, has officially released the inRiver Integration Framework (IIF). This framework standardizes the way adapters (previously referred to as connectors) are built across the inRiver community. This standardized format lets you create higher quality adapters and integrations with less effort

Compatibility and Efficiency: What This PIM + Commerce Adapter Means for inRiver Customers and their PIM Investment

If your business is using or will use both inRiver and Magento, this adapter is the future. Here is why.

The IIF Magento adapter:

  • supports all complex models:
    • Sibling entities like Brand or Technology
    • Specifications
    • Multi-level product hierarchy (ie: Product → Item → SubItem).
  • is designed for transferring high-volume product data from inRiver to Magento.
  • has clearer reports of all synchronizations. These reports are accessible directly in the inRiver portal. This makes troubleshooting easier when sync issues arise.
  • comes with exhaustive documentation on the inRiver service center, maintained by inRiver, and accessible to all partners and clients.
  • is a native inRiver adapter that doesn’t tie the customer to a custom integrator tool (this is important!).
  • offers automatically available features to all licensed customers.
  • provides automatic fixes and maintenance directly from inRiver. The best example is the Magento version update that happens every 3 months. The Magento module will automatically be updated and tested on the newest Magento version. The adapter will support the last 2 Magento major releases, for example, 2.3.x and 2.4.x.


In terms of product data, the IIF Magento adapter supports most everything that Magento offers:

  • Create/Update/Deactivate simple, configurable, grouped and bundled products.
  • Reproduce product hierarchy within categories from inRiver to Magento.
  • Easily import custom product attributes into Magento (dimensions, weight, etc.).
  • Export products onto multiple Magento websites and store views.
  • Schedule imports into Magento to avoid changes during high-traffic periods.
  • Export only what has changed since the last export for better performance.
  • Export and assign images to their respective product, which Magento downloads only once or when modified.
  • Create product relations: “related”, “cross-sell” and “upsell”.
  • Support “color swatch” as an inRiver Resource.


How to get the Magento IIF Adapter

The Magento IIF adapter comes in 2 parts:

  • An inRiver extension installed in iPMC
  • A Magento module installed in Magento


General suggestions: 

  • If you already had an inRiver-Magento connector, evaluate migration cost. 
  • Create an agreement with your integration partner for migration & configuration hours.
  • Create an agreement with inRiver for an IIF Magento Adapter licence.


Technical suggestions:

  • Configure the IIF
  • Configure the IIF Magento adapter
  • Migrate any customizations needed from the old connector to the IIF adapter using pipelines.


For any of the technical suggestions, we can help you get started. 

Need help? Set up a time to speak with the Director of Absolunet’s PIM Practice. 

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