Digital Shelf Analytics: Tools to Manage Risk and Adapt

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Guest blog article: Kerri Angel, Senior Marketing Manager, North America, inriver

Brands are under a lot of pressure to improve their buying experiences.

Over the past year, consumers have been rocked by chaos and uncertainty. Understandably, their needs and expectations have changed.


  • are buying online … a lot. U.S. eCommerce penetration grew 10 years’ worth in only 3 months.
  • want more transparent communication, especially as a result of longer delivery timeframes due to supply chain disruptions.
  • like the safety and convenience of omnichannel capability such as buy online, pick up at the curb.
These changes require significant investments from brands whose digital infrastructures need to be modern and adaptable.

One of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage and improve the customer experience is to make sure your products are stocked on the digital shelf. From there, continually monitor and update content to ensure the products stay on shelves, driving sales.

A product information management (PIM) solution with digital shelf analytics (DSA) capability allows you to:

  • properly evaluate what products are performing,
  • see where stock issues might be arising,
  • stay in tune with what buyers are saying based on ratings and reviews,
  • and identify where poor visibility into the product may result in a less than ideal buying experience and lost revenue.

In a recent poll of manufacturers and distributors, 63% said that customer reviews help them better sell and serve their clients. 


Inconsistent or incomplete product information and out-of-stock notices cost you you sales.

Digital shelf analytics can further help you:

  • change product content (such as images or videos) instantly (and in one central location).
  • feel confident with informative alerts to make sure your products are visible and that you are showcasing the best product mix.
  • do ethical web crawling, to analyze when site traffic is at its lowest.
  • run configurable reports to help you make data-driven decisions.

By gathering intelligence from each and every customer touchpoint, brands are empowered to use those insights and take action to increase conversions and sales. It’s about having the right information, synthesized so you can adapt.

Inriver’s AI-powered solution: Evaluate

Inriver’s Evaluate is an AI-powered smart search technology. It keeps an eye on how your products are displayed and if you are inspiring your customers to make purchases. The end goal is to use data to make smarter decisions and keep your digital shelf stocked.

The more places a product pops online, the harder it is to manage. Evaluating solves that problem.

To learn more about how brands can best use digital shelf analytics, check out inriver’s “A brand’s guide to digital shelf analytics” ebook.

About inriver

Inriver is a digital-first product information management (PIM)TM solution which closes the loop and creates a continuous process for managing product information. The multi-tenant SaaS solution helps organizations create world-class product experiences that are contextual and relevant, enabling a scalable, friction-free path to purchase.

Image taken from inriver's "A brand's guide to digital shelf analytics" ebook.