Highlights from ENGAGE Montreal 2019


ENGAGE: An Absolunet and Magento Peer-To-Peer Retreat on How to Take Your eCommerce from Good to Great

On April 12th, Absolunet teamed up with Magento to host our 5th ENGAGE eCommerce retreat. Held at the beautiful Phi Centre in Old Montreal, the merchants in attendance got to speak directly with some of the top leaders in eCommerce. They also heard from premiere retail and B2B brands about their digital strategies and growth.

Two people, a woman and a man stand on stage. The crowd is in the foreground. Behind the speakers, a screen is projecting a mobile device with the BMR logo on it. The screen also reads "Infinite Warehouse - access 30,000 products with the click of a button."
BMR’s Jonathan Gendreau (right), VP Marketing and Digital Strategy, and Claudie Gervais, Director of Promotional Strategy and Business Intelligence, discuss what’s next for the 300-location retailer.

Keynote and Panel Discussion Higlights
  • Absolunet’s Romain Tiry, Director, Advisory Services and Adam Wasserman, Senior Director, Account Direction, explained the importance of investing in an eBusiness Plan.
  • BMR’s Jonathan Gendreau, VP Marketing & Digital Strategy and Claudie Gervais, Director of Promotional Strategy and Business Intelligence took a deep dive into how the company’s digital transformation went from mission impossible to award-winner and discussed what’s next for the 300-location retailer.
  • A lively panel discussion took place with Justin Morrow, Magento’s Head of Channel Technical Sales, James Simpson, dotdigital’s Channel Relationship Manager, Vanessa Henri, Hitachi Systems Security’s Director, Legal and Compliance & Data Protection Officer, Mark Joseph, inRiver’s VP Sales North America and Skye Spear, Signifyd’s VP of Sales & Partnerships.
  • Dana Kleckner, Director, Sales Operations & Customer Service at Cutter & Buck talked about how the classic and corporate lifestyle apparel brand competes against Nike, Adidas and co., all while balancing manufacturing, wholesale and D2C.

A woman with brown hair and a blue blazer speaks from behind a podium. A screen with the logo of Cutter & Buck is projected in the background. Dana Kleckner, Director, Sales Operations, Customer Service at Cutter & Buck walked the crowd through how the lifestyle brand is continuously improving the American sportswear experience.


A Big Thank You

Thank you to the partners, staff and volunteers for their help in making this event a success. A big thank you to our clients and friends for taking part in this hands-on series of discussions and exchanges!

A crowd of seated people in the foreground. There are five people on stage for a panel talk. Speakers included some of the sharpest minds and top people at Magento, dotdigital, inRiver, Signifyd, Hitachi Systems Security and Absolunet.

A crowd of people speaking during one of the breaks at Absolunet's ENGAGE event. Absolunet’s ENGAGE events provide a stimulating environment where merchants can exchange with other merchants and vendors, and discuss challenges and opportunities.