Episerver Acquires Insite: Leading WCM Now Has Strong B2B eCommerce Capability

Episerver Acquires Insite Leading WCM Now Has Strong B2B eCommerce Capability

Absolunet’s first impressions of Episerver’s Insite acquisition.

Insite is an amazing eCommerce platform for B2B. It is stable, easy to use, and provides the widest range of out-of-the-box critical features for enterprise-level manufacturers and distributors. Insite drives eCommerce results in a very competitive marketplace.   

From the beginning, Insite was built to address the complexities behind B2B eCommerce execution:
  • Multiple Sales Channels, 
  • Advance Configure/Price/Quote, 
  • Complex and configurable products, 
  • Deep Integration to the ERP’s involved, 
  • Customer Specific Pricing, 
  • Personalized Catalogs, 
  • Rep portals, 
  • And more. 

Insite brings best-in-breed B2B commerce that compliments Episerver’s best-in-class experience management for global B2C and omnichannel merchants. This acquisition takes a weakness and propels Episerver to a leadership position for B2B eCommerce execution. 

As a Platinum Level Insite partner, we can plainly see that this combination will deliver value to our current and future Insite clients.  Here is why:
  2. Advanced CMS features: Insite has foundational CMS capabilities out-of-the-box. However, the Insite CMS capabilities are not best-of-breed. Episerver will bring many additional advanced CMS features such as advanced content workflows, change tracking, versioning, content cloning, content syndication, and more.

  3. Automation marketing and email marketing: Insite has very limited automation and email marketing capabilities, but B2B growth marketing objectives are shifting to make those capabilities more important. Episerver brings Episerver Campaign to the mix. As distributors and branded manufacturers evolve their sophistication on the eMarketing side of things, they are instituting engagement programs that will greatly benefit from these capabilities.

  4. Advanced personalization and A/B testing: Episerver introduces advanced personalization features, powered by artificial intelligence.

  5. The marketplace: Insite does not have a marketplace for 3rd party extensions, but Episerver does. Not only does Episerver bring the marketplace itself, but also a mindset of extending their solution by leveraging a wider ecosystem of providers for niche capabilities to optimize their integrations for more rapid and lower risk deployment. It will be nice to see that extension mindset unfold as the combination comes together.

  6. B2C eCommerce features and experiences: We believe that Insite is the most comprehensive B2B commerce solution on the marketplace; but, when it comes to delivering B2C experiences and engaging B2B users with extended content, Episerver brings clear value to the equation. 

  7. Partner Network: Combining the 2 partner networks will provide even more options to end customers.

The future of digital experiences is headless

Both companies already understand this. Episerver offers headless APIs allowing for Episerver’s CMS and Commerce platform to be coupled and decoupled with a headless architecture to easily control and edit all the content for multiple applications. Insite was also headed in this direction. It will be possible to capitalize on the strengths of both platforms leveraging the headless APIs, while expanding on past investments. 

We are happy to be joining the Episerver ecosystem and confident that this move will further our client’s ability to be pace-setters in their respective industries and verticals.