Home Decor x Omnichannel eCommerce White Paper

Home Decor and eCommerce - Absolunet eBook

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Home Decor, Furniture and Housewares in an Omnichannel World

“Omnichannel Home Decor, Furniture and
Housewares, Oh My!”


Find out how today’s consumers discover, research and purchase furniture and housewares, which touchpoints lead to which conversions and which brand and retailers are doing an amazing job at each step of the way.

The $65 Billion dollar furniture and home decor industry is probably the most omnichannel sector in retail. It’s also one of the most stylish and entertaining, according to many.

In light of this, Absolunet has developed our biggest white paper yet, a deep-dive into the massively omnichannel customer journey, path to purchase and exploration of brands and retailers who are doing an amazing job of meeting the customer at every consumer touchpoint with a cohesive brand experience.

All of which leads to growth and sales, by the way.

Every year, the share of furniture and housewares sold online increases. Yet sales are only a fraction of digital’s influence and importance. 


The 6 steps of the furniture and home decor consumer’s path to purchase (which is different than the customer journey, by the way):

  1. Inspire
  2. Explore
  3. Research
  4. Select
  5. Purchase
  6. Use

We use retailer and brand-focused examples of what to do to grow your furniture and housewares sales – including where eCommerce begins, how social influences which behaviours and why in-store matters.

What you’ll learn:

  • How consumers want to shop and buy
  • A step-by-step breakdown of what to do with examples of who already does it well
  • Insight into the crossover of eCommerce customer experience, path to purchase and your marketing (including on Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest and other social platforms)
  • And a lot more, including a special section on fulfilment and reviews!