How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Bridge the Digital Gap

How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Bridge the Digital Gap

Change is hard

In B2B, the sales culture has historically centered on phone calls and quotas, not finding easier ways for customers to engage with your company. 

The hardest part of getting new technology rolling is wading through the noise of what is actually going to work and what is even necessary. The solutions that are worth your investment are those that increase your ability to help your customer and that will grow alongside you.

eCommerce isn’t just a retail channel, it’s how goods are bought and sold in the 21st century, period. If the competition in your market has not yet made the shift to digital, be a pace-setter. If they have, you’re probably looking at ways to catch up. The faster you start selling online, the sooner your investment starts paying for itself. 

As your industry goes digital, lead the pack:
  • Build a transactional eCommerce website that makes it easy for customers to buy and rebuy.
  • Enable B2B buyers with helpful tools. Better handle complex orders by accepting spreadsheets, or supporting punchout. A customer portal should make your purchasing process easier and more transparent.
  • Work with Amazon and other marketplaces to get your products seen and purchased. Amazon is many Americans’ first point of contact for product research. Instead of fighting this, use it – Amazon and other marketplaces can help you expand your reach and move merchandise.Work with marketplace deployment experts (ask for case studies) to ensure that you’re building something that will help you sell and that integrates into your operations. 
  • Do what you do best – create experiences that provide value across the supply chain.

It’s time to make a move.

When it comes down to it, eCommerce = more sales, better margins, more reorders, and less service costs. The future of your company depends on your ability to bridge the B2B eCommerce gap.

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