inRiver 6.3 SP4 Update: Enhanced Search Capabilities and Better PDF Catalogs


Content Store Just Got Better for inRiver Users

With inRiver’s newest updates to their on-premise version, users can now search with a list of model numbers.

It has been over a year since inRiver released an update for their on-premise version (SP3). The new version, 6.3 SP4, is now available for download. It includes some exciting new features and a long list of bug fixes.

Here is a summary of  the changes to get you up to speed:

Content Store: Improved Search

The star of this update is the Content Store.
Search capabilities in the Content Store have been enhanced, so that users can:

  • Filter the search results by choosing values from the CVL fields. This helps the user to see only the products that interest them.
  • Choose which fields act as filters when you configure the Content Store. Good candidates would be the brand field on the Product or the color field on the Item.
  • Search entities that have a specific field (defined in the Content Store configuration) that match a value from the inputted list. An example would be to configure the model number so a user could find multiple products with a model number list like: “A001;A214;B244;C643”

Content Store: New Tools for PDF Catalog Generation

A bunch of new tools were added to Content Store’s catalog PDF generation . These new tools will help you personalize the generated catalog.

Catalog personalization capability now includes:

The ability to include the name of the content store’s current user. This is nifty if you want to add the name of the sales rep who is creating a catalog for a prospect.

Input parameters that allow you to choose different titles for the catalog upon generation. Ex: if you want to include the name of a prospect in the title.  

Get parent level entity data so that when generating the catalog, you can also add the information related to the parent entity being output in the catalog. This is useful if you are generating a catalog with Item entities and want to include some of the parent Product data.

Yes! Bug Fixes

As with all software releases, there are always some bug fixes. Most notable in this release is a memory leak fix in the Enrich app and an improvement to loading CVL with a large number of values in the Details tab of an entity.

These fixes, along with others, should make your experience with inRiver more enjoyable.

Is it time to migrate to iPMC?

Like all on-premise updates, this update needs to be installed by your partner agency. So reach out to them to plan the update. Or migrate to iPMC and get all these updates automatically when they are available!

To see inRiver’s full report on the new release: (heads up: you will need access to the inRiver wiki in order to view the release notes).

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