inRiver PIM User Insight: Improvements to CVL Exports, Contribute App and Long-running Jobs


The industry-leading PIM solution just got even easier to work with!

Most inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC) updates contain small improvements or bug fixes. But inRiver’s most recent release includes some major updates that we really like.

If you were irritated by performance issues in iPMC or if you are interested in the Contribute app, this release contains good news for you!  

Save time on long-running jobs.

One of the updates that you’ll probably notice first is the “Jobs” button in the header. Exports to Excel now run in the background to ensure that there is no time-out on the browser side and that you can continue to work while waiting for the export to finish. Files are no longer sent directly to the browser. Instead, you click on Jobs and download the file from there. This applies to:

  • Excel exports in Enrich,
  • syndicate exports
  • and import history exports in Supplier Onboarding

Watch inRiver’s video on Long Running Jobs.


Our perspective: This is the first step in what could be an extremely useful feature. For the moment, Jobs can only be used for Excel exports. But it should not stop there. All of the time-consuming tasks can and should be transferred to a background process. This could include:

  • Excel imports,
  • downloading a zip of all resources linked to entities from your search results,
  • creating a PDF with entities from your search results,
  • and deleting multiple entities.
Export CVL values without a headache.


Another interesting feature in the Excel export is that you can now export CVL Keys, CVL Values or both. Previously, when you wanted to export your product data to third parties, you could only export the CVL Keys. So if your third party needed the CVL Values (which is often the case) you had three options:

  • Do a second export of all your CVL Values so the 3rd party can match the keys with the values. That assumes the 3rd party had a technical team that could do this mapping manually or by coding something to do it programmatically.
  • After the Excel export, manually edit the Excel file to replace the CVL Keys with the CVL Values.
  • Ask your inRiver implementation partner to create a connector to export the product data with its CVL Values.


All of these options were time-consuming and potentially expensive. Now it’s all included, giving you more autonomy!

Watch inRiver’s video: “Excel export of CVL values – 3 options.”

Searching for “all products” won’t freeze you out.


This is an exciting one! If you had thousands of entities, a search for all products left the portal in a buggy, frozen state as the results loaded. Now, it takes a matter of seconds before the results show up!

Watch inRiver’s video: Improvements to the Enrich UI


You’ll notice in this video that the CVL query has been improved. And for the power users that do “shift+click” to select many entities at once, you can now do that in the Enrich app too.


Contribute (BETA): a more user-friendly interface.


The new approval interface gives a better overview of the data and relationships between links. The Contribute app is in beta and we expect a lot more improvements in the upcoming months.


Fixes to the LinkRule Job


The LinkRule Job no longer freezes if the job isn’t ready until the next scheduled timer starts. If it does get stuck, it will restart automatically.  

A lot of our clients asked why their link rule wasn’t being applied. This fix will solve a lot of worries.


Overall, nice work inRiver!

To see inRiver’s full report on the new releases:

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