inRiver PIM User Insight: Latest Improvements and New Outbound Connector

inRiver PIM User Insight Latest Improvements and New Outbound Connector

The industry-leading PIM solution continues to make your work easier!

inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC)’s latest updates contain several improvements and bug fixes on many of their applications.


Read on for our take on:

  • Contribute App
  • Mass Updates
  • Faster Search
  • New inRiver Print Plug-in
  • AddEntities
  • And Getting Data Out of iPMC.


Contribute App Now Available

The Contribute App is no longer in beta! This latest addition to the inRiver applications portfolio provides access to your suppliers, copywriters, and image/media producers so they can contribute to your product information enrichment process.

Watch inRiver’s video on Contribute App to see the tool in action.


Save Time During Mass Updates

Like the Excel exports, the enrich mass update functionality now runs in the background. This ensures that there is no time-out on the browser side and that you can continue to work while waiting for the mass update to finish.

Later on, checkout the execution report by consulting the card under the “Jobs” button in the header.


Search Just Got Fast

You are no longer limited to 100 results when conducting quick searches to find your entities. The pagination feature makes for easy browsing through all the results. The old behavior made it seem like entities had disappeared, which was confusing and frustrating.


New inRiver Print Plugin Updated for New InDesign Release

The latest version of the inRiver Print plugin is up-to-date with the 2019 release of Adobe InDesign. This new version contains improvements to the image cache and error handling. It also increases performance by allowing you to download images locally.


On the Technical Side – AddEntities

inRiver published a new version of their NuGet package, which contains the required components for client software to communicate with the inRiver Product Marketing Cloud Backend. This version, 7.3.19077.1, has a new function added to the DataService called AddEntities, which allows you to create multiple entities at once. We estimate that the entity creation process is now 40% faster!


Ready Made Connector to Get Data Out of iPMC

For community users, the Schema-Based Outbound connector can be used to publish data as XML and media files out of inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC). With this extension, you can export data in a standardized format, which can then be transferred and processed by other systems.

Be aware that the standard version works out of the box by pushing data and related medias only to an Azure storage. You will have to modify the connector to support other delivery endpoints like SFTP.


Visit inRiver Service Center to learn more and download the Schema-Based Outbound connector.

To see inRiver’s full report on the new releases:

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Absolunet is an inRiver Platinum Partner.  Author Sebastien Contant is one of Absolunet’s PIM Experts. He has conducted 12+ PIM implementations in the last 3 years for companies like BMR, Columbia and Tops Products.