New Salesforce & Absolunet Partnership Offers Experience Management at Enterprise Scale


Salesforce and Absolunet are already helping brands build lasting customer relationships through Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience and the Salesforce suite.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 – Absolunet has partnered with Salesforce, a world-leading solution used by over 150,000 organizations. With more than 22 years of experience, Absolunet specializes in helping brands, manufacturers, and distributors with B2B eCommerce, now with Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience.

“Salesforce is a powerhouse when it comes to unifying digital touchpoints into a single customer view,” says Charles Desjardins, Absolunet CEO. “Salesforce B2B Commerce, combined with the Salesforce CRM, creates a cohesive experience for merchants and their customers across all channels: web, mobile, social, and email.”

Key B2B functionality in Salesforce B2B Commerce:

  • Quick launch digital ordering.
  • Optimized self-service purchasing.
  • Customer portal with fast search and easy re-orders.
  • Mobile optimized site and mobile app.
  • Personalized product set and negotiable pricing.
  • Send shipments to multiple locations.
  • Variety of payment options.
  • Unified view: account managers and service agents can see commerce, CRM, service, and marketing data in one place.
  • Smooth onboarding for merchants who are comfortable with the Salesforce CRM, as all of the objects and relationships connect.
  • Easy extensions: merchants have the option to include a request for quote extension with Salesforce CPQ. They can also benefit from personalized integrations with shipping solutions.

“The Absolunet team is particularly excited about Salesforce’s Lightning Experience,” says Daniel Labrie, Absolunet CTO. “Our most recent client to go live on Salesforce is leveraging Lightning’s framework for fast customization and ecosystem of ready-made apps and components. These are important differentiators in the eCommerce space.”

Merchants looking to migrate to Salesforce B2B Commerce to draw on the strength of Salesforce’s renowned CRM and commerce capabilities can contact the Absolunet team.

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Absolunet is a professional services firm specializing in commerce and digital transformations. We help some of North America's iconic brands and distributors fast-forward their digital transformation, bridge the eCommerce gap and put customers at the heart of their experience, profitably.

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