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Absolunet Awarded Optimizely Commerce Partner of the Year

Montreal, QC – September 17th, 2021 – Optimizely named Absolunet its Commerce Partner of the Year for Continental Europe and North America. This award recognizes Absolunet’s proven track record of working alongside clients to drive online sales and ...

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3 Keys to a Successful PIM Project in Distribution

It’s all about making your customers’ jobs easier. From real-time inventory to 24/7 ordering and automated support, digital capabilities and agility are either your advantage, or a threat to your survival.

3 min read

Salesforce for B2B: The Benefits of a Unified Environment

Your goal is to create helpful and informative customer journeys. Each step of the customer journey can be improved with data-driven communications. Yet, it is a challenge to find the tools and the resources to make those steps smooth and helpful. 

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The Power of Print Catalogs

When Amazon announced in 2018 that it would release a printed holiday catalog, the response from many digital natives was “... what?”.

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