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The Repeal of Net Neutrality and the Impact on eCommerce

Net Neutrality : A Quick Explanation Big or small, mainstream or niche, commercial or free, under the law of net neutrality, all content on the internet was required to be uniformly accessible for users in the United States. Internet Service ...

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eCommerce Basics: The Customer Journey Map

A typical first step in the CJM exercise consists of developing personas. These are categorizations about the kinds of people who interact with the brand. The lines can be drawn around age, gender, location, occupation – or any other identity marker ...

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How to Spell eCommerce (includes benchmark)

Here are the results of our quick, remarkably unscientific benchmark about how major eCommerce integrators, platforms and mainstream media spell the word eCommerce in 2017.

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Absolunet Launches U.S. Division in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO – June 20, 2016. Absolunet, the Montreal-based eCommerce agency that has helped some of Canada’s most iconic brands achieve digital revenue growth, announced this week that it is opening a U.S. division in Kansas City.

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