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Salesforce for B2B: The Benefits of a Unified Environment

Your goal is to create helpful and informative customer journeys. Each step of the customer journey can be improved with data-driven communications. Yet, it is a challenge to find the tools and the resources to make those steps smooth and helpful. 

3 min read

The Power of Print Catalogs

When Amazon announced in 2018 that it would release a printed holiday catalog, the response from many digital natives was “... what?”.

4 min read

The 8 Things Your B2B eCommerce Platform Should Do

Here are 8 important dynamics for picking the right B2B platform: 1. Tight ERP Integration In B2B, customer-specific pricing requires live pricing and inventory calls to the ERP. You are dealing with customer-specific rules, custom catalogs, ...

2 min read

eCommerce Fraud Trends, Post Covid

After their $205 million funding round in April of this year, Signifyd, one of the largest eCommerce fraud protection solutions on the market, is closely tracking shifts in consumer behavior.

5 min read