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Digital Accessibility Is a Business Asset

Often misunderstood, the concept of accessibility is generally associated with disabled people. Let’s get one fact straight here: digital accessibility is about giving everyone the opportunity to access online experiences. 

2 min read

Absolunet’s PMO To Be Led by Sophie Bourbeau, Ex-Nurun

Montreal, Canada – April 28th 2021 – Sophie Bourbeau, who has worked with brands like Videotron, Aeroplan, Radio-Canada, and Nurun, is appointed Director of the Project Management Office (PMO) to help the eCommerce and digital services firm continue ...

1 min read

HVAC: 8 Must-Have eCommerce Capabilities

Here are 8 elements that will make your online experience profitable. 1. Seamless Integration In retail, conducting price and inventory calls from your ERP once a day will likely be sufficient. In HVAC, customer-specific pricing requires live ...

3 min read

Absolunet CEO Named Among 30 Most Influential eCommerce Leaders

Absolunet CEO Charles Desjardins was recognized in fraud protection innovator Signifyd‘s list of 2021 eCommerce leaders. Among the diverse collection of honorees, Charles was listed in the categories of Most Influential D2C Pioneers in eCommerce and ...

2 min read

When to Implement Google Analytics 4

Google recently made its new version of Google Analytics official. Previously named App+Web during the Beta phase, GA4 offers new possibilities, but also raises a lot of questions about new features and the challenges surrounding platform adoption.

3 min read

SAQ Ranked 6th in Canada for Online Experience

The cross-Canadian WOW Digital Study reveals consumer and digital trends and a couple of surprises from 2020, a year where the pandemic pushed forward digital transformation across the country and the world.

3 min read