Amazon: B2B’s Friend or Foe?

Truthfully, both Amazon and other marketplaces like eBay (especially if you are in the car parts industry) have significant advantages in terms of:

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The 8 Things Your B2B eCommerce Platform Should Do

Here are 8 important dynamics for picking the right B2B platform: 1. Tight ERP Integration In B2B, customer-specific pricing requires live pricing and inventory calls to the ERP. You are dealing with customer-specific rules, custom catalogs, ...

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6 Signs Your B2B Website is Costing You Sales

Here are 6 signs that your website might be costing you sales: Non-transactional site.   Customers want to make a purchase. But your website is not transactional. At best this slows down the customer’s purchasing process, at worst it pushes them ...

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Absolunet Brings Home Coveted Prize from Magento Imagine

Montreal, Quebec – May 17th 2019– Absolunet brings home one of the most prestigious prizes for an eCommerce agency given at the Magento Imagine Summit. The Spirit of Excellence Prize, North America, highlights the exceptional performance of an ...

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