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The Digital Transformation of Alcohol Retail in Canada

The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent shelter in place orders have accelerated eCommerce adoption. Five years of change were squeezed into five weeks.  And while soaring online purchases are good news for alcohol retailers across Canada, specifically ...

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The One Tech That Improves Almost Every Digital KPI

With industry-measured averages of +43% in speed and each subsequent page loading faster than the last, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) generate more growth and faster ROI than virtually every other current IT or marketing investment.

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Understand PWA in 10 minutes or less

Why faster load times, faster search and quicker turnaround for deployment should be your digital commerce investment priority – and how PWA may be your solution to all three. A visual guide to understanding progressive web apps (PWA) in 15 minutes ...

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Magento Update: 2.4 Released

The changes and improvements in 2.4 are a doozy! There is not one top feature in this release but we think merchants are going to want to focus on the B2B and In-Store Pickup features.

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Magento Rolls Out Second Update for 2020 (2.3.5)

Magento is starting 2020 with a bang with a January 28th release. A relatively small release compared to the ones we received in 2019, Magento 2.3.4 has some exciting updates.   With over 250 feature fixes, here is our assessment of the key ones: ...

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