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Avoiding Disaster: Where Most Magento 2 Projects Go Wrong

“Did we choose the wrong platform?!?” Replatforming to Magento 2 is an exciting project, full of options. You might be switching because M1 will no longer be supported after June 2020 or simply to benefit from M2’s rich feature-set and scalability. ...

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New Sales Tax Laws in the US: the eCommerce Impact

  Sales tax is a big source of revenue for states. It is in each state’s best interest to be vigilant about getting paid. Up until 2018, there were some distinct grey areas when it came to online or remote retailers paying state sales taxes. ...

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Getting Your PIM Project Off to the Right Start

If you (and your organization) understand how essential product information is to digital growth, you may be wondering “where do we start?” and “how do we ensure this vital implementation succeeds?”

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