Record Revenue Peaks: The New Normal?

COVID-19-Week 8-eCommerce-Record Revenue Peaks The New Normal

After the near 100% jump reported in our first report on COVID-19’s impact on eCommerce, the figures have continued to evolve as merchants, brands and consumers adapt to the new normal.

8 weeks later: the impacts of COVID-19 on eCommerce




5 takeaways from last week’s numbers:


Slight decreases in revenue

Revenue stabilization is becoming more and more obvious. The leaders are making extra effort to increase their sessions and palliate the revenue decrease.

Decrease in mobile sessions

Since March 11th 2020, mobile accounted for 55% of transactions across the board. Whereas Pre-COVID usage was around 60%. Some clients have seen bigger swings in mobile usage.

It’s getting hotter in here

The clothing and accessories sector climbed 61% in one week.

B2B stabilization

Like in retail, manufacturers are distributors are showing signs of stabilization to the tune of -15% YoY.

Opportunities and recommendations

The global cost per click (CPC) is currently 45% below pre-pandemic levels while value per session is, on average, 150% higher for multiple channels. The return on each media dollar is, for the moment, excessively positive and at a history summit. Start or improve your digital campaigns immediately.


Performance Evolution: