Romain Tiry Announced as Absolunet Vice President

Romain Tiry VP on absolunet background

The digital services firm of 300 people continues to scale up its capabilities to further serve global clients.

Romain Tiry joins Mark Tinucci who occupies the same role of Vice President, Enterprise Accounts.  

Tiry has evolved professionally at Absolunet over the past 8 years, starting first as a Product Owner and eCommerce Specialist. In 2017, he became Director of Consulting Services, leading a team of 20 eCommerce Experts all working to combine research, analysis and design to deliver digital transformations for organizations bridging the digital gap and expanding into new markets.

As Director of Absolunet’s Consulting Services, Romain has worked with numerous brands and business models, from pureplay to B2B to D2C. He brings a unique combination of business acumen, operational mastery and organizational sensitivity - as well as having several technical certifications.

"Romain is hands down the best leader I’ve worked with," said Chiara Fumagalli, Digital Personalization Practice Lead and member of Tiry's team for 5 years. “He truly cares about our clients. Working with Romain is not only a great learning experience but it is also fun and inspiring. I was honestly overjoyed when I heard the news of his new role.” 

In addition to his role at Absolunet, Tiry is also a lecturer at Montreal’s HEC Business School where he teaches digital marketing to tomorrow’s digital leaders. 

The nomination takes place as the digital services firm further solidifies its customer experience offering with the creation of a Customer Experience (CX) Department. 

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