How to Spell eCommerce (includes benchmark)


You’d be surprised to know how often the question “what is the correct spelling of “eCommerce” comes up. In case of doubt or when faced with conflicting data, such as this, the Absolunet approach is to do a benchmark. So we did just that.

Here are the results of our quick, remarkably unscientific benchmark about how major eCommerce integrators, platforms and mainstream media spell the word eCommerce in 2017.


eCommerce: Absolunet is in good company; Magento, Tech Crunch, Deloitte and Forrester as well as our very own Quebec Retailer Association all favor the small “e” and big ”C”.

E-commerce: The “Big-E-dash” was a somewhat unpopular choice, but Mailchimp and Sitecore are some pretty big names. We won’t hold it against them.

E-Commerce: Business Fashion, Gartner, L2 Inc use this form, perhaps with the idea that the two capital letters and the hyphen will grab your attention.

Ecommerce: Shopify,, and Financial Times are putting a big emphasis on the E here.

e-commerce: This was the big winner, and the choice of more literary-minded publications.

ecommerce: Quick and to the point. If Facebook and Google are using this form, we aren’t going to tell them they are wrong … to their faces.

ECommerce: The “plain donut” of the bunch, clearly.

How does a typical person spell eCommerce when they search?

Google Trends shows that in 2017, way more people are searching without the hyphen. To be fair, it’s impossible to know how many chose the proposed/auto-complete search term as opposed to actually typing it out.

It boils down to preference since the dash and the capital letters will not disrupt search engine optimization.

Dropping the “e”

As multi-channel shopping (omnichannel) experiences become more streamlined and customers can move seamlessly from mobile to website to in-store purchasing, we might need to drop the “e” altogether.

Absolunet’s perspective:

At Absolunet, whether you refer to it as eCommerce, e-commerce, e-Commerce, or any other variation, we think you’re probably asking the right questions and we’re looking forward to working with you to build your digital commerce platform.