The Digital Transformation of Alcohol Retail in Canada

The Digital Transformation of Alcohol Retail in Canada

Insights on eCommerce and the Technology to Meet Changing Consumer Preferences.

COVID-19 accelerated consumer trends and proved that wine is in fact an essential product.

The COVID-19 crisis and subsequent shelter in place orders have accelerated eCommerce adoption. Five years of change were squeezed into five weeks.  And while soaring online purchases are good news for alcohol retailers across Canada, specifically those who are digitally advanced, the overall picture is a mixed bag.

With restaurants and bars slowly opening back up, suppliers and retailers are looking for creative ways to recover lost sales. Some efforts include geo-fencing to improve curbside pickup, evidenced-based recommendations for stocking popular products, and distribution centers turned into delivery nodes. 

New segments that had never made an online purchase now see the benefits of eCommerce. And it is time to cater to their needs and those of long-time eCommerce fans.