The Episerver to Optimizely Rebrand: Cheatsheet

Episerver and Optimizely logos

What’s Changing and Impacts to Your Investment

The world of Episerver is evolving - from a new name to being recognized as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Quadrant for Digital Experience. We’ve created this quick guide on what the Episerver to Optimizely rebrand means for your investment in the B2B Commerce Cloud.

The Episerver to Optimizely Rebrand

What’s happening? Episerver and Optimizely will move forward as a combined company called Optimizely starting in September 2021.

What is Optimizely? The Optimizely technology platform offers digital experience optimization technologies and AI-powered personalization, which includes A/B, multivariate and server-side testing. They call it Optimization-as-a-Service.

What can current Episerver clients expect?

  • The roadmap: With one brand, Episerver/Optimizely will combine their focus to accelerate their product roadmap. 
  • What about commerce? Episerver will continue to invest in CMS and Commerce. Commerce will remain a fundamental part of the core product offering.
  • Pricing: There are no immediate pricing changes planned.
  • Contract: Your contract will remain the same.
  • Quotes: All quotes will be honored.
  • Organizational changes: Episerver reports they have no major organizational changes planned at this time. 
  • Product access: The name change will not impact the products you currently access. The rebrand will not change the product’s UX. There will be a simple aesthetic change to reflect the new branding. 
    • The Optimizely Experimentation product will become part of our Intelligence Cloud Product Package but is sold separately.
  • Training: All training subscriptions will remain the same for now.

Absolunet’s read:

  • Since 2016, there has been a slew of commerce acquisitions: Adobe (4), Episerver (3), Salesforce (4) and Sitecore (2). It is a race to expand technology software suites and make them marketer-friendly. 
  • The Optimizely acquisition and now rebrand creates opportunities for both Episerver and Optimizely customers as the need for personalization + commerce capabilities becomes more flagrant. 
  • From a brand and positioning POV, this actually makes sense – Episerver was a dated name. We think the Optimizely name is more descriptive and evocative. 
  • When Episerver acquired Insite, the transition was comparatively smooth with lots of communication and resources for customers and partners. All signs point to this change being positive and non-disruptive for customers. 

Want more info on the rebrand and product roadmap?

  • See Episerver’s FAQ here
  • Watch the Episerver-hosted webinar for customers on the new brand and future product strategy here

Absolunet is an Episerver Platinum Partner. See some case studies on what our clients have accomplished with Episerver.