The One Tech That Improves Almost Every Digital KPI

The One Tech That Improves Almost Every Digital KPI

One of the hottest technologies available, Progressive Web Apps, combine the best features of websites and apps. But is it worth the hype? We explain.

With industry-measured averages of +43% in speed and each subsequent page loading faster than the last, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) generate more growth and faster ROI than virtually every other current IT or marketing investment.

How does PWA work, technically? 
  • Traditional websites couple the frontend and backend into a single product.

  • Progressive Web Applications are “headless”, in effect separating frontend and backend. 

  • The frontend is built and maintained independently of the traditional backend.

  • The frontend is immediately loaded on the end-user device (local) instead of remaining on the server and reloading with every click.

  • The backend is served headlessly via APIs.

  • This reduces dependencies, complexity and maintenance. Implement changes and new features faster.

The takeaway: 

This is a modern technology stack that will improve performance and sales while future-proofing your site. 

Winning Move: 

PWA is the new “responsive” or “mobile-first”. Expect to see it from virtually every leading digital experience and brand across industries. 

Need more info?

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