Absolunet Launches Customer Experience Advisory

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Modern commerce goes far beyond the desktop or mobile transaction. 

Absolunet's new service offering will help merchants meet changing consumer expectations.

Desktop and mobile, long thought of as the main channels of eCommerce, are no longer sufficient to serve customers, whose digital maturity levels and expectations continue to outpace brands’ abilities to provide consistent experiences across channels. 

A customer’s experience with a brand is built upon many interactions over time. This experience ranges from passively consuming marketing campaigns to conducting active product search all the way to shipping and (hopefully) brand loyalty.

To help merchants meet changing consumer expectations, Absolunet has implemented a Customer Experience (CX) Advisory consulting service.

Absolunet’s new CX department will have one simple goal: to improve the experiences of our clients' clients. From in-store pickup to customer service, returns, discussions with sales teams, omnichannel information gathering, and more, the Absolunet team will ultimately enable our customers to achieve their business ambitions, always with an eye on eCommerce and digital.

 “77% of CEOs said their company will fundamentally change the way it engages and interacts with its customers...” - Accenture

Customer Experience is now the fifth pillar of Absolunet’s consulting services offering:

    1. Product Experience Management (PXM)
    2. Digital Growth and Marketing Channels
    3. Technology & Infrastructure 
    4. eCommerce Expert Advisory
    5. Customer Experience

“The most on-brand investment any company can make right now is to better understand and better serve its customers,” says Bernard Dahl, newly nominated Director of Customer Experience at Absolunet. “From journey mapping to persona definition, from design to accessibility, CX is becoming the main point of competitive differentiation in a sea of sameness.”

Charles Desjardins, Absolunet CEO, explains that this CX offerings fits into a wider vision for the firm and its clients:

“Absolunet will be a partner of choice to help brands and companies define, design, implement and optimize exceptional experiences. By grouping our UI design, UX, accessibility and brand strategy practices under a CX-driven unit, we will walk alongside our clients to better serve their customers. The future belongs to brands and companies that can create exceptional, distinctive customer experiences in thoughtful and repeatable ways.”

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