Work From Anywhere: Absolunet Expands Its 20 Year Investment in Flexible Work

remote work at absolunet

Since starting Absolunet over 20 years ago, one of our driving questions has been: “how do we create the best culture and environment for our people?”

Over the past 20 years, Absolunet has:

  • Implemented partial work-from-home options
  • Started a summer schedule with Friday afternoons off. The summer schedule is now an option year round.  
  • Opened co-working offices for employees who wanted to stay in their hometowns.
  • Implemented atypical work schedules for employees needing to care for their families.
  • Affirmed our employees’ right to disconnect in policy and in practice. We highly discourage disturbing colleagues outside of their normal working hours, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Invested in the Work-Family Balance certification from the Quebec government (BNQ). We were actually the only IT company in Quebec to receive the distinction.

Like all companies, when COVID hit, we had some adjustments to make. But our two-decade investment in flexibility and employee trust prepared us for government-imposed shutdowns and work-from-home mandates.

Officially Announcing our Work From Anywhere Program

Over the past year of 100% remote work, we’ve seen several important benefits:

  • Our team members report increased satisfaction and motivation
  • Team members report reduced stress and conflict
  • Productivity is higher
  • People miss less work

There are obviously drawbacks to remote work. In one-on-one conversations and company-wide surveys, I’ve heard people talk about missing their colleagues, needing space outside of their homes, and just general loneliness. That’s why 5 months ago we announced a new choice:

  • Work from home, the office, or a combination of the two. We’ve put in place safety precautions in our physical offices and will continue to follow government health guidelines for those who want to work from the office full time or a couple of days a week.
  • Work from a new location for up to six months: Absolunet employees now have more flexibility to work from different countries and cities (with some limitations for timezone, regional laws, and client needs).

Our goal: offer the best possible conditions to everyone - those who thrive while working remotely and those who get energy from being in the office. 

This type of flexible working environment requires trust, communication and a continued emphasis on building and maintaining a positive culture. We trust our people. We know that team members will continue to deliver the best possible work for our clients, whether they are physically present at the office or working remotely.

In fact, “trust” and “people” are two of our 5 driving values, all of which were determined through a collaborative process with colleagues across the organization. 

We are proud of our 20 year investment in a flexible work culture. We think the choice to work from home, in another location or in one of our 5 offices will further distinguish Absolunet as a digital services firm. We see this option as an added benefit for our people and one that will help us make new jobs and enter new markets, while continuing to provide the highest quality service for Absolunet clients. 

If you’re interested in being a part of the #AbsoLife, we are hiring!